prayer for a happy relationship with my boy friend

by Consuelo (Philippines)

Please help me pray for my long distance relationship with my boy friend Ricky whom I met through internet dating.

We have not met in person yet but he is coming to my country on February to meet me in person. I hope and I pray in Jesus’ name that his plans will come true. I also pray for good health and protection from harm or accidents for ricky.

Keep him away from temptations of other women and also away from the evil spirits that might try to destroy our relationship. I also pray for constant communication to get us more closer to each other.

Let our love for each other grow stronger and our commitment to our relationship more deep to withstand trials that may come. Lord God, Please fill me with your presence always and increase my patience and understanding in order for our relationship to be a success.

All of these I pray in Jesus’ name.