Prayer for a happier and healthier family.

Dear Jesus,

I’ve been into deep anger and depression for three weeks. Help me to fully recover in my agony.

Help my husband to surrender his heart to You God. Help him to conquer his flaws and weaknesses. Help him to discipline his self in terms of temptation. Help him to find time with You God, and focus to me as his wife and to our children.

I surrender to you the woman who caused me a lot of pain and sorrow. Please bless the woman who almost ruin my marriage and her marriage at the same time. Touch her heart to take a right path going to a happy moments with her family. Lift her up in troubles so that she may find truly happiness in her own husband and children.

I myself surrender to you my heart that I can forgive and forget the people who hurts me and betrayed me. Help me to restore my heart, soul and my spirit. Lighten my spirit so that i can have a love in my heart. Release my anger and turn it into blessing. Help me to become submissive, loving, understanding and respectful wife to my husband. Strengthen my faith and make me a kind of person You want me to be especially to be a good mother to my children.

I surrender to You God my family to focus on You and be our self-centered God to achieve a better, happier and healthier family.

Bless my children guide and watch them all the time.

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