Prayer for a great job, and financial freedom

by Kathy (Florida)

Lord I come to you this morning giving you all the thanks, the honour, glory and praise that you so richly deserve. I thank you now for the great job that you gave waiting for me, with the right company, excellent pay and benefits.

I pray that this job will come with great rewards and close to home and great hours excluding weekends.
I also pray Lord for financial freedom to be able to clear up my debts and bring me into a brighter future for my kids and I. Lord please let my house and it’s occupants be continually blessed to be blessings to others. Lord you know the desires of my heart and you know me before I was even created, grant me Lord all of my heats desires, do I can share your greatness with everyone.
Lord I pray for my relationship with Marlon and I ask your continued blessings and guidance that this relationship will move forward in the right direction and that in due season, you will make us one. Continue to bless my children and let me raise them to be God-fearing and Christlike and to always know right from wrong and to look to you always Lord because only you alone can take care of them and bring them into their destiny.

Lord I pray for my families and friends and whatever I fail of asking you for, please grant it to me, through your son, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, now and forever more I pray,

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