Prayer for a Great Financial Change is Needed

by Jessica (Saranac, NY, USA)

Dear God,

Please find my family worthy for a gift of a winning lottery ticket as I apologize for all sins that have ever been committed I am truly sorry. I have fed the mouths of those who have spoken ill of me and my family.

I have housed those who have abandoned me, I have given my last dime to those in need, and I have loved unconditionally those who hold on to hatred in their hearts. Please Almighty God give us the gift of financial stability so that we may be secure and continue to be a blessing to those around us.

We are very appreciative for all that you have already given us and all that you continue to give us. I ask not for a winning lottery ticket out of greed but out of need and the desire to do good for others of your children in need.
In Jesus’ name AMEN

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