Prayer for a Good Job

by VD ()

Dear Lord,

Today as I get ready to face this interview, I place before you all my hopes, anxieties, worries and burdens. Keep it at your feet Lord and look at me with mercy. Fill me with your grace today and help these authorities to see me through your eyes because I am your favourite child.

Take care of my greatest treasure -Daddy, Mummy & my sister. You know that they are both unemployed and my sister is physically challenged. You will help me take care of the repayment of our home loan and meet all expenses at home. You will help me meet Daddy’s surgery expenses next week Lord. You will help me by taking away this burden from my shoulders. I seal myself and my family in your precious blood. I also seal this office with your precious blood. Send your Holy Spirit right now Jesus.

I know you’re saving the best job for me. You promised me Lord that You will never leave me alone. I claim your promise in my moment of loneliness Lord and know you will take care of our needs.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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