Prayer for a good job

by Lincy (Kuwait)

Lord Jesus I humbly come before you bringing my need for a good job with a good timing where i spend time for my family too without feeling exhausted of long travels.Lord please bless me with a job and an environment that is safe employee friendly in all sense.Lord help me to use the talents that you have given me .

please bless me with job that gives me happiness mentally and financially.Lord please bless me with a job where there is respect and no one is condemned.Lord here I see those people who haven’t got the necessary qualifications sitting in top positions and they speak behind my back.

LORD you made me educationally qualified than these people which is the reason they are speaking against me and they have the confidence everything happens as their will as they are in top positions.Lord please save me and bring me to a job where I can give You alone all the glory too instead of being depressed all the time.Amen

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