Prayer for a good job and bleasing my home and family and my girlfriend

Help me find a good job that can get me out of all my stress the job I have now just cut my hours and days I dnt get paid enough to help me with rent n bills I have and I cant even help out my mom or b there to help her out on anything she need or I cant even provide or help out my girlfriend that her self is under stress wondering how she going to pay for the .

Rent because we dnt havve enough for the rent.please god help me n I will for always be greatful and come vist you to thank you for your help. Please my mom tells me she prayes every night for me and has faith in you but I know me myself have to come to u with all my heart . So god please help n guide to a good beter future job

please I need you rite now god you seen all the stress n I fell down I cry my self amlostly ever night because I cant take it nomore , and you urself see how hard im a good worker and never take my job for granted but I need yours hand because god I try and try and I kept failin, please help me if u can n watch my family and my girl she been getting sick and us with are differents because I dnt want to lose her either I love her. Thank god for giving me the time to open up to u. Grace dios

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