Prayer for a good future husband and true love

Dear Lord As you know. I have been waiting for the love of my life for a very long tim. Please give me a husband who is a very good man with values, who comes from a very great nice family,a man who is a virgin and has never drank alcohol or smoked in his life ever and hasnever been in a relationship with any other woman in his life. I am his one and only.

Please bless me with a man who will be my best friend and companion in my life and I pray that the love and bond and respect between us is intense and grows stronger by the years . A man who my whole family will love and adore. A man who will be my source of strengh and inspires and encourages me everydayof my life.

A man who will always remain and be very faithful to me and a man who will be the most doting father to our children. A man who brings a lot of Joy peace and happiness into my life. A man who’s family who will be very happy to have me. A family with great lovely people I’ll be very proud to be a part of.