prayer for a Godly man

Lord, I pray to you to bring me someone who can love me as much as I love

You. I thought you sent me someone, and it was all I could hope for as he had recently committed himself to Christ, and you.
He changed his mind , and it turned out he was not the man I thought. He talks of god, but used me, abused me, and only uses religion to use women.
Please allow me to feel love, and find someone who is right for me, I have suffered so long, alone. I have no children, and the time has passed for me to do so.
Painfully, I have accepted this as your will for me.
Please do not let me be alone, Please send good people my way. I have no family, and look to you for guidence and love.
Please let me know the love of a man who is truly with you.

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  1. Praying for you

    My prayers are with you at this time. You are not alone. Be aware that there are many others like yourself, who want and need love and happiness, but it eludes them. I pray that someone good and kind, will come into your life and will love you. I pray the same for my two daughters, and for all the lonely people.

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