Prayer for a future with my love

(Fairfield, CT )

Lord Jesus Christ, you know what it is in my heart. You know that I have fallen in love with this man and this man’s children. I have waited so long to find my soul mate and in him I have found it and a lot more. I have found understanding, acceptance, unconditional love, inspiration and closeness to you God. With your help this man has given me a second chance to feel alive and secure but right now I am feeling weak and scared.

God if this is your will and we are destined to be together and I’m destined to help him raise his children then put your hands over him and allow him to see what I see and feel. I have faith in you that whatever it is you want from me I will accept and I will endure. Please help me get to his heart the way he’s gotten to mine..

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  1. Prayer for a future with my love

    I hope this relationship is the one God has intended for you to have. God puts people in our lives for reason and everything has a purpose. I pray that God blesses your relationship and allows it to blossom and prosper.

  2. I feel the love

    You have met your souls mate. It is so difficult to be patient while your souls mate comes to this realization also/makes arrangements to begin your life together. I pray for your patience, and strength, and enduring love for them. In time, Gods plan will become transparent to you. I pray for your heart to know peace.

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