Prayer for a functional family, love, and well being.

by Jessica (Canada)

Thank you for taking the time to view this. My family and I recently bought a business. That has put a great deal of stress on my parents.

My Grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and my Mother is forced to do home care with her in the evenings driving 45 minutes out of where we live nearly every night. There is so much stress on her with the store and with my Grandmother. To make matters worse, my sister has gotten into drugs and alcohol so they must worry about her as well. Our family is always angry and everyone has an argument everyday.

There is a lot of pressure on me with my long distance relationship as well. Please let James and I be together for the rest of our lives. In conclusion, I forever will be grateful if you send a small prayer for my family’s happiness, the store’s success, my sister’s health and well being, as well as my beautiful relationship with my partner, James. For those who read this I thank you with the deepest part of my heart. Your prayer means the world to me in this difficult time.

I wish you a life of love and happiness.