Prayer for A full time job for my hard working husband Please

by Dee (Florida,Usa)

Dear God ,

Please help us , my husband has been at his current place of employment since 2006 , we are moving on July 6th 2012 his company can not transfer him due to a slow down and lack of any positions open in the new town we are relocating to .

I ask you with all my heart Dear God , To please , please help us in this great time of need to let him find a full time job that will help us pay the bills and keep us from being “house poor” as we were in this house in Titusville. I ask you this beacuse I feel we have struggled so much and given up alot dear God, by not being able to go where we truly wish to live in the mountains.

I beg you o’Lord to hear this prayer I pray to you . I love my family and wish to be happy and not be house poor anymore and prove to my parents that we CAN DO THIS this time. I ask you Lord for your help I am at the end of my rope . Amen.