Prayer for a Friend Who is Very Sick

by Juan (Boston, Massachusetts,USA)

Please pray for my friend that has been diagnosed with a very rare case of brain cancer and is quickly losing grasp of life as we speak. His case of brain cancer has been only been seen in the United States three time before in the last 10 years and not much is known about it except that everybody that has had has died.

It all started about 5 months ago right after his wife had their first child. After that it all started to go downhill as he started to feel worse everyday.

He has since been hospitalized and his condition know continues to get worse even though they have tried multiple things in order to stabilize him. I cannot bare to see a young man like him simply lie in bed slowly dying while his son, wife, and mother cry at his bedside slowly losing hope that they will one day share a laugh together again and instead think of the possible sad future that awaits them.

So i PLEAD that people pray to St. Peregrine and all other saints in order to cure this man or even give him more time to at least say good bye to his family.

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