Prayer for A Friend to fulfill God’s plans for him


Dear Lord,

He wants you to use him to fulfill your plan for his life. He knows that you have given him talents and abilities. We affirm the God given gifts you have placed in Jason. He has since August had no employment. We firmly believe and place our utmost faith in Your Power and Plan.

Enable him to fulfill your will as he waits with patience and enthusiasm for the opportunity to get to the next step – in what you want for Him here in gippsland. We love you and continue to see the miracle you perform in our lives. One step at time-miracles unfold in our eyes. You are a great and loving Father. Thank you for bringing us here and for never leaving our side.

May your Will always be done. In Jesus name! Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord. This too shall come to pass and we claim this answered prayer as we speak. Thank you for your goodness. We forever proclaim your Love for us. Amen! Thank you Father.

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