Prayer for a friend suffering from Obsession

I have this prayer request for my friend aged 36 years. She is working in a call center. She belongs to a decent family. She has obsession towards men, and that too wrong kind of men. Men who are alcoholics, drug addicts and womanizers, who use women and leave them in pain. She was a very God fearing person and was dedicated Christian. She used to regularly go to Church twice in a week and used to sing in Choir. She has got this obsession since 2007. One drug addict after another, multiple relationships since then, she has been telling a lot of lies in her family and hides and point blank denies such relationships. She has been caught red handed several times but still denies and argues that they are just friends. At present there is one hindu guy, who looks very weird, is a drug addict and stays near her home, she has been spending a lot of time with him late night and also during the day, her family members and sisters are concerned about her but she denies any relationship with him. I am concerned about her well being as she has been a good friend and helped me out in my bad times. I request prayers for her that she comes out of this obsession that she has towards such men, I pray that she gets married to a decent Christian and settles down now. I pray that God helps her to come out of this and protects her from devil and give her a decent and peaceful life. Amen.