Prayer for a financial revival.

by John E. (Virginia Beach)

Lord, Father, God I come before you tonight to ask for a blessing.

Father I need a financial bless to no only help me with my situation, but to assist others in their struggles.

I need you right now Lord.
I need you to fulfill your Covent with me Lord.
I have been fateful to you Heavenly Father with paying my tithes, working in the church and assisting the pastor with anything he ask.
I am asking you in the name of Jesus Crist to bless me with money Lord.
Reward my work, restore me Lord and bless me with your glory.

I have faith in you Lord.
I love you Lord.
I need you Lord.
Please send me a blessing Lord that I would be proud of, one that will allow me to share; one that will be so rewarding that the whole world would know it was from YOU,
Blessing Lord that would bring about a major foundation of KINGDOM building.

Please Lord allows me to be the trustee of your wealth. Lord in your son’s name I ask this BLESSING.