Prayer for a Financial rescue so that I may be able to serve you better

by MR (Virginia)

My Lord and Savior, I ask for your Divine intervention for miraculous finical support and help in paying my mortgage and household bills on time for me and my family (Darlene), more finical support and miracles with more clients and customers to work with to help me get my debt down so I may sleep at night and focus more on enjoying life during the day instead of constantly worrying about how the money will come in.

Please help me as I feel very alone, help me use all of my talents and skills to better help serve my community and those who need my services through my profession. Please bless me and my family with great rewards and wealth. I ask for immediate intersession and visible and speedy help from you and Jesus Christ my Savor, and any angels that will protect me from the people around me that I fear right now. I beg for your protection as I feel vulnerable and targeted by competitors in my business.

I pray for more clients and more real estate deals so
I may earn the money that I need to prosper. I have always been more than generally successful in my work, but now I feel so shackled and sad from what I witness every day. I ask this for prosperity so I may pay my bills on time and live in comfort and joy with my daughter!! In Jesus’ name I pray to you my Lord and Savior. Amen I love you.

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