Prayer for a Financial Miracle

by Suvashna (South Africa)

Dear God, I just know which way to anymore. I am fighting a loosing battle for the past 3 years God. What have I done so wrong that I am being punished so much and for so long. Please God I am begging you to intercede on my behalf to give me the life I so badly want to live.

I have loved ones who are solely dependent on me financially God I cant provide for them as I don’t have the financial means to do so. Help me God please. Take away all my suffering and lead me towards a successful life. God i beg your forgiveness for all the wrong and heartless things I have done in my life.

Please God help me all my roads seem to be blocked I can’t do this anymore I need your help. God we don’t have food in our household financially we can’t afford it. End this God only you can. I promise God I will make it up to you I will cherish you more all the days of my live and put you first before anyone and anything else.

I ask this in Jesus Name Amen

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