Prayer for a Financial Miracle

Oh Lord, you have given me so much and I am grateful. You trusted me, walked with me and gave me hope for my family, children and all people around me. I have built with your help a great company, purchased a home and always had money in my pocket to defuse any problem.

Now Lord, I come to you once again for your help. I am walking in darkness, confused, my heart is in pain, please hear my prayers. I pray for your intervention, to abundance me with the money I need to serve and protect my family, children and all people around me. To protect my company, my home, and all the things you help me earn.

Lord, please forgive me for any sins I have committed and help all those who read this prayer to you. I ask you lord to please bring this help quickly so I can regain and maintain everything as it is. You are my greatest saver; I know you are listening all the time. I pray to you in my thoughts as I did before and will continue. Oh Lord, keep evil away, bring me happiness and joy to my family and children, friends and all people, protect my creations, property, business, employees, business people.

I pray for this abundance oh Lord, I will continue to have faith as my heart is in pain right now. I pray in the Lord the only GOD.