Prayer for a financial Miracle on the husband’s business

by Lindiwe (South Africa)

Dear God,

I need prayers for a financial miracle, that my husband’s business can make enough money to pay for our monthly bills, one of our cars could be repossed by the bank as we are unable to meet our monthly repayments, medical and other bills are pilling up so much that I now afraid to answer my phone fearing that it could be debt collectors.

I pray for a mircale so that I can pay these debts, I confess and ask for gorgiveness that we did not manage our finances properly and did not think about the future. I pray for wisdom so that we can be able to manage what God has blessed us with.

I will aslo want to thank God for all the blessing we have beside our financial troubles.

Please help pray for a miracle, cause only God can help our situation now.

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  1. money issues and crazy 18 year old son!

    My son decided to quit everything. He had triple ankle ligament surgery about two years ago. He is a great soccer player. He has gone back to play and was doing very well. About a week ago he sprained his ankle during practice. After practice he started crying and he is very discouraged that he won’t be able to stay at the high level of play that he currently is at. Please pray for my son to get back to playing soccer this week. He has also decided to quit high school and he is a senior. I have advised him that this is a foolish decision and that he needs an education in this world.
    He is suffering from depression. School and soccer seemed to
    keep him on target. Also please pray for us to be able to pay our bills and for me to possibly get a teaching job in which I can be successful.

  2. Praying For Your Family

    I am in the same situation. I will pray for a miracle for your family. Please keep me in your prayers also.

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