Prayer for a Financial Miracle for Me and My Family

Dear God

i want to glorify your name because you are God most high and no one and nothing compares to you.father lord i am a sinner and i come before u with a heavy and repentant heart.lord your word says where two or more are gathered you are in thier midst and father i therefore bring my prayer request to this forum because i know when the prayers of more than me alone come up to you lord you will look upon me with favour not because i am worthy lord but because my bethren in jesus have also lifted thier voices up to you to have mercy on me and grant me divine intervention.
Lord God i am here believing you for a miracle in helping me resolve my debts especially the one i owe my friend at the bank that could make her lose her job.please heavenly father you are the giver of everything and i am begging you to see me through this problem.Lord i also pray for a general financial breakthrough my father so i can go to school.Lord you did not create me to live a purposeless life and i pray that you help me find my focus in life.please lord have mercy upon me and let my purpose be made known to me.i ask for guidance and protection and the wisdom to know your ways.let your light shine upon me and my son my family and all the people your son has gained for you.i ask mary mother Jesus to intercede for me.i ask all this through jesus christ my lord and saviour.amen

my brothers and sisters please intercede for me as this is a serious and urgent matter.the friend i am owing risk losing her job if i dont get her money by friday please beg the lord that i may not be the cause of her downfall.thank you all for being there for me and the opportunity to pray in this forum.God bless u all