Prayer for a Financial breakthrough

by Shernay (Texas)

I’m in a dire need of a financial breakthrough. I am in a financial hardship. I am a Grad student , have my own apartment , and just started back working part time. I lost my job in August of this year that paid pretty good, and just got hired back on as a part time assistant. I am thankful to have a job again, but the part time job I took , was a pay cut for me and now I can not sustain myself financially. I have bills due next month, and can’t afford to pay them. I am a Christian a faithful tither and have never been in the situation before.

On top of that, my mom is getting ready to stop paying towards her realestate license and go inactive because she’s trying to help me pay my car note.

She doesn’t have it financially and real estate is her only source of income.
I don’t want to take away from her and my family’s finances. I feel bad that this has happened and need help knowing what to do?

Please lift me up in prayer, for my finances and my families finances.
That God will make away for us out of no way.

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