prayer for a financial breakthrough

people of the living God please pray for me for a financial breakthrough because I am about to lose my only home I have no job husband left me for someone, he asked me to drop my career and support his i lost my job in the process i got retrenched.

He built his career when he qualified he left me I just got divorce papers and i was told by him that I am not educated enaugh for him and he met someone of his status they are living happily which is a good blessing for them. He left the church, left me bankrupt with a house i cant even afford to pay for he only paid the bond for 2years and then told me to look for a job and am in my early fiftys no one will employ me now.

I have nothing I mean nothing in terms of finance trying a business but nothing coming up. Thank you for your prayers it will come to pass because God is faithful in His promises.