Prayer for a financial blessing

by Smith (Mississippi)

Heavenly Father I come to you humbly asking you for a financial blessing for me and my family. Lord I’m struggling trying to make my ends meet and this is tearing me down because I don’t have the funds to pay my bills and take care of my children how I’m suppose to.

Lord I know that you said that you would never leave me nor forsake me and right now all I can do is trust in your word because I’m at a dead end right now. My car is up for repo, I owe out so much money, and I’m trying to maintain with no help from anywhere.

God I ask you for continued strength and to please help me right now today because my car is my only transportation for me and my kids to get to school and work. Lord whatever I am doing wrong I ask that you change it because I cant live like this. I’m worrying myself to death about my finances, God I’m asking in Jesus name that you bless me today. Thank you for so much that you have already done for me and my family.

I love you, Amen.