Prayer for a Financial Blessing

by Karen (Suffolk, VA, USA)

Holy Father God, my Jehovah Jireh, you promise to supply all my needs. Holy Father right now I need a financial blessing that will not only remove my debts, but allow me the means to bless others in need.

Father, I have been obedient & faithful in tithes & offerings & have forgiven debts of others, and beseech you that you would open your windows in Heaven & pour out a blessing overflowing that meets my needs & those of my family & loved ones as well as the strangers you say may be an Angel that is passing my way.

So many are suffering Lord because they do not know you & your Glory & my life is dedicated to proving you are real.

Holy Lord, I can only bless in the capacity of my dreams by having money & I am trusting you God to supply that money so I may start right away blessing others in a way I have never been able to bless before. My needs are not as important as showing others your miraculous ways & your Love that cannot be compared.

I thank you & praise you Father God, my Holy Redeemer, my Glorious Lord!! Holy Holy Holy is your name Jesus!! Thank you for loving me. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for your Grace & Mercy. I love you Lord. Hallelujah!!

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