Prayer for a Financial Blessing & Peace in my home

by T. H. (Fort Worth, TX)


I come to with a heavy heart I am in need of employment, not just any job but one were I can be a helpmate in my marriage and it’s not to far from home. Lord, I believe my husband is truly God sent however the lack of income is causing his mother to speak ill of me to our kids. A blended family can be challenging as well as a new marriage , however I just want it to be to be pleasing in your eyes father. This is causing my husbands kids to become very disrespectful and I don’t feel he’s concerned nor does he correct or discipline his children according to your word Lord. I dont know if its taking a toll on him but Father you told me to ask for my heart’s desires and you will bless me accordingly. I believe your word to be true so, these are thethings I ask in your name.


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