Prayer for a Financial Blessing for me and my family

Dear, Heavenly Father, I pray for a financial break through for me and my family. Lord I know I’ve messed up a lot of me money through these last months that have put me in debt poorly. Jesus, please me help me manage my income better and bless me with a little financial blessing for me and my child to be able to enjoy life without, wondering if we have a enough money to make it through my next pay period.

I work so hard and need a vacation away from all the stress and debt problems that I am facing now.

Lord please don’t let these people start garnishing my pay check again, which will make my life more harder to deal with them taking half my check. Lord i’m begging for a fincancial blessing to pay all my debt up, so I won’t be having to move with my mother in her 1 bedroom apartment. Lord you say you have not cause you ask not, so please here my prayer. Thank you, my heavenly father, in JESUS name i pray! AMEN!

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