Prayer for a Finanacial Blessing

by Rowena (Philippines)

Lord, you know that me and my son have endured being broke since 2011. After losing the business, and helping out a mission center, I have sacrificed the welfare of my son. I wasn’t able to send him to college.

Now, it is the same situation, I have only one thing to sell, a patent for a special item, I am asking that I maybe able to find the right investor. Also, we have only $2 left for food, may we have a miracle to tide us over until may next salary. May I have more students online so that I can support my son.

I have never asked for my own needs, it pains me to see my son eat only once a day, twice if we get lucky. And he has not complained. Thank you for blessing me with a good son, but it is more painful that I can’t take care of such a good son. I ask for not so much, just enough for us. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our savior. Amen.

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