Prayer For A Finacial Abundance To Continuosly Flow In My Chilidren, Husband And My Life.

by Victoria ()

Dear Father, I thank you, and praise you for your love, and protection. Keeping your arms around my children, husband and me. Praise, you Lord. Father we’ve been struggling finacially so, long I pray that you will hear my humble prayer, and please restore us with a steady flow of a large amount of finacial prosperity,and abundance,so that we will be the lender, and not borrower. Oh, have mercy. My Dear Father, I pray. I pray Father, that you will touch someone to give me a better job opportunity. Dollie Hamilton, or whoever, you choose as your instrument. Please, Dear Jesus, I have noone, but you. You who have power over them that have authority. Please touch one of them to have mercy on me, today. I’m waiting, believeing, trusting, and depending on you. Praise you, and thank you in Jesus name, I ask these blessings. Amen

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