Prayer for a fiance who has lost his self control

by Verona (Boise, Idaho Ada County)

Lord of Lord, and King of Kings I come to you giving all thanks and honor to you Father, for I know the Power that you have embeded each one of us with. Father I pray that my fiance embraces and activates that strength, hope and faith that he lost during the course of his journey father. Lord remind him that we are NOT suppose to be of this world just vessels traveling in this world to do your will, and bring you the glory…

Lord I pray that he begains to nurture the light that is ever so present within him today father, and he begains to desire more of that light father and that he is able to reject and rebuke the darkness of the enemy father. Lord, I pray that you give me the wizdom to know how to edify him, and encourage him, and stand in the gap for him and humble myself as I continue to grow, and take on more of your charactor daily in his sight father.

Father I pray for preserverence, patience, understanding and love unconditional Yashua..a love that does not want to change the man, but honor him and stand beside him in agreement. Father I pray for discipline with my tongue as I deliver your message father and I pray that it will be none of me father but ONLY YOU…Amen In Yashua’s name.