Prayer for a Family that needs healing

Please pray that our family will not be torn apart by business. We have a family business and there are issues of children not wanting to follow the rules like all other employees. There has been an argument at work and now our son says he’s not our son anymore. Therefore he has removed his wife and our grandson from our lives.

Our daughter works here too and hasn’t spoken to my husband or myself since the incident occurred. We need healing. The business is not worth the cost of our family. We hired our children to try and give them a better life. They are both making much more than they would be making if they worked elsewhere. We have other employees and they seem to think we treat everyone fairly.

I need prayers that our family will be healed despite what happens at our company. We can always get more employees and for a lot cheaper. We’ve given our children all that we have and then some. Provided college educations for both and helped both of them get homes, cars, etc. Now we’re being treated as the bad guys. I don’t know how this is going to end other than badly. Please, please say prayers for our family.

Our relationships with our “familes” outside of our children are not good. We have tried to make everything better for our children but we can only take so much disrespect………Our son is coming in today at 1pm to talk.

Please pray that this goes well. I will be brokenhearted if I never get to see my grandson, son or daughter in law again…………I’ve prayed and cried since the incident last week……I can’t really talk to anyone but God….so I’m reaching out to anyone that can pray for reconciliation of our family……..

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