Prayer for A family in turmoil.

A few years ago, I left the church, I stopped praying and worshipping and I cut god out completely. Still, whenever something bad happens, he blesses me so. I dare not ask so much, but for a chance to make my family whole again. I am beyond desperate.

My whole family is falling apart in the worst way possible… I cannot even begin to explain in words, and it hurts me so bad. I am unworthy and selfish but Lord, please hear me. I am crying. My heart is torn, I cannot focus in school and I cannot bear to wait around for something tragic to happen. I am literally, at my wits end.

Please god, open up my father’s heart and let him invite you into his life. Open his eyes and let him see how his behavior is hurting all of us. Jesus, above everything else, heal my mother’s heart for I know everyday she suffers in silence. Lord, I believe and have faith.

I want you to be back in my life and in my families’ lives and I am completely aware that you have a bigger plan for everyone, I pray from the bottom of my heart, that you will restore my family and that there will be love in my parents’ marriage once again.

In your heavenly name I pray, amen.