Prayer for a Family in Need

by Heather (MO)

I come to you today Lord Father asking for your help. I know you see what is in my heart and know what I need before I even ask. My family has been going through some hard times this past year, and I need your help.

We need help financially. As you know, my husband isn’t working for the same man, Lord God. So, my husband has not been getting the money we once were. Our financial situation has taken the biggest hit. Our bills pile up, we had to move out of our home. We do not live a luxurious life. We only have the necessary bills.

We are living paycheck to paycheck and we are barely making it every week. We ask to be in your favor Lord God. I know you only give us what we can handle Lord God. We need help getting a home big enough for us and also if it is meant to be Lord God, an extra room for my 6 year old nephew who was taken away by CPS from his mother and placed in the states custody.

I would like to bring him into our home and take care of him until his mother is able to get back on her feet, and walk in your path. I ask these things of you Lord, as we are in great need. You are my Lord and Savior and anything is possible through you. In your name I pray, Amen.

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