Prayer for a Family in a lot of pain

by Rebecca (England)

Please pray for my husband and our family. My husband has a drug problem and is beginning to reach out for help! He has even reached out to god for the first time. We want so much for our family to get back together and for him to be the amazing daddy to our 4 beautiful children that he once was.

I badly want my husband back as I love him immensely and miss him. I have felt as though I have been grieving the man I love, as the addict seemed to take over but after handing him to god I know he will come through this. Please pray for his and our protection as he walks forward on his journey and that god will carry him through his many trials. Thank you so much.

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  1. Handing over

    Handing your situation over to God is the best idea for you. Continuing to be a supportive partner is also a good. If your husband is reaching out for God, then the arm of God is already out for him. God is our answer for all of our problems. I pray that your entire family is restored & that you all will receive the glory of God through His interventions. If your husband is a addict & he is going through tribulations, then God wants him to lean on Him. This is a good time for your entire family to see the miracles & powers of God. If every one is seeking God through this situation and then maintains a lasting relationship with Him, your family will be blessed. Try not to force God onto you husband but allow him to want to know the grace, glory, compassion, favor, and love of God. If you continue to lift your husband up in prayer & do it as a family, you will find the power of prayer. Your own trial is happening also as a test of faith, trust, patience, love, & obedience to God. God will give you the desires of your heart as the child of God that you are. May your husband recover, be redeemed, return to his family, be faithful to God, & live happily as a child of the one true KING.  
    Dear God, I pray to you with a clean heart & repentance in order to ask you to be with this family during their situation. Only You Lord can restore what we wish we could restore. Only You have the power to fix our broken vessels. I ask you Lord to heal hurt hearts, mend wounds, wipe away the bead memories, create new refreshed love, & provide the positive desires of their hearts. I ask You Lord to rebuke & smite away any type of demonic or satanic bondage that may on this family. I ask You to destroy the enemy & his work that he has put on this family & to allow the Holy Spirit to fill the lives of each & every person. Lord please speak to the family in order for them to be able to know Your will & provide wisdom for them to follow Your instructions. I ask You Lord to take away the craving for all drugs & other dependencies & addictions that afflict this family. May this family find the true awesome power of Your interventions. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray & say Amen.

  2. God will do it!

    I’ve seen many miracles when God intercede. If you can manage your family for some time (on your own, financially), contact a Salvation Army ARC(Adult rehab center) near you and ask help. Because your husband is willing to get help, it is going to be a life changing moment.
    I pray for your family.

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