Prayer for a Failing Marriage

by Vera (Canada)

Please pray that our marriage will once again be strong. Please pray that Eugene agrees to work his heart and mind to saving our marriage, and that he remembers and respects the vows we made before God. Please pray that he opens his mind up to getting help for us instead of giving up.

Please pray that he sees we can still be happy together. He says he still loves me and I truly believe that and I love him very much. We have a good life together but have had our problems in the last 2 years. Please pray that we can make this work and we will still be together till the day we grow old.

He has wondered and needs to know that our love is strong to make this work. We are best friends and very marriage has its good and bad times and that strengthens the marriage when the bad times turn into good times. Please pray for us. Thank you.