Prayer for a failing marriage

Dear God, please have mercy on me and return my husband to me. Please forgive us both for our sins and help us to forgive each other and begin anew as one. Enter into our hearts and clear our minds so we may see and follow the steps you have ordered for us. Remove from our midst those who threaten to destroy our marriage. Bless us with the wisdom to instruct our sons to be one with you.

Thank for all blessings you have granted us. Please still our troubled souls and walk with us and provide your loving protection and mercy during our marriage crisis. Father, please return my husband to me, ready to continue this union and fosaking all others. I ask this in he name of your son Jesus. Amen.

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  1. painful marriage

    My husband is a drunkard and a womaniser i know that my God i am not supposed to judge but i am leaving a painful life always crying, i need happiness my God i want to be happy and this marriage is causing pains and since my God you are not encouraging divorce i am begging you to change him so that we can leave a happy marriage again. AMEN

  2. Divorced/want my husband back

    Heavenly Father, I ask you to restore my marriage.. This divorce should of never happened, the enemy entered into my life and took it from me. John:10:10. This past year has been hard with out my husband.. I know that you Are in control and can bring him back and restore our marriage. All material things have been lost. But it’s ok. I want my husband back. Heal my heart and give me peace Father. In Jesuse mighty name. Amen

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