Prayer for a dysfunctional family due to alcoholic husband

by Ann (Manila Phil)

Lord, please enlighten the mind and help my alcoholic husband see the light and the blessings you bestowed us. Grant in his heart to forgive those who have caused so much pain in his heart. Let him see our worth and reason that it is happy to live longer than to die young because of alcohol abuse. In jesus name. and that in all things God may be glorified.

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  1. Stay Strong in the Lord

    Stay strong in the Lord, for you are your husband anchor, the one he depends on, his way to the Lord. Keep praying that the Lord will help your husband to see the light, and always remember that He is with you when it gets tough.

    My husband was very much like yours. He was drinking to self-medicate against bi-polar mood disorder and anxiety. We did not find this out until he quit drinking. The Lord put us in a situation where he had to quit, but I had to make sacrifices that hurt my heart to make this happen. Remember, the Lord will set it up for you, but it make courage and heartache from you. And forgiveness from him.

    Be strong, the Lord will be with you.

  2. Lord, Hear Our Prayers....

    I was in a situation similar to yours. I will pray for your husband and I will pray for you. Your husband can be delivered from this, through the power and grace of Jesus Christ. In the meantime, keep your focus on this fact, and whenever you find yourself frustrated, give it over to God. WHen I was in your situation, it was revealed to me that I was enabling my alcoholic boyfriend. So I needed to learn how to change. When I changed, our relationship changed, and he changed. Epect miracles once you surrender this to God.

    Jesus, please heal this relationship like only You can. Amen,

  3. I empathize with you

    I’m sorry you are going through this. My husband is an alcoholic so I empathize with you. They are not emotionally available and selfish. My husband drinks 3 beers a day and he drinks even more after a bad day at work, when it’s hot, or were at a party and when he plays baseball. He finds excuses to get drunk. My 20 year old son likes to drink now, but at that age I was drinking socially. I pray that it doesn’t become a habit. I pray my 14 year old doesn’t go there and they don’t make it a habit. There has to be a break-through. All we can do is pray for our husbands and children. God bless you.

  4. Prayers for Strength to deal with family

    Please pray for my son who is taking medication and drinking. I have already lost a husband and another son from drinking . I do not know howto deal with this dysfunctional home anymore. I have been praying for years but I know the only one I can change is me. Maybe I don’t pray correctly.

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