prayer for a divine intervention

by RNS (Newark, De Us)

I am writing to get this heavy burden off my chest, as I cannot stand to hold it in any longer. I am crying out to Jesus and my God and to anyone who can hear me and understand just for some help!! I have been unemployed for what seems to be forever, but going on 2.5 years. I have been struggling looking for employment going on countless interviews but to no avail. I am 31 years old I was living at home with my mother whom cannot work because of her health condition. So when I worked I was a major provider for the both of us. We no longer have a home and have stayed with different relatives, now we are residing with my older sister. Who we’ve been living with for almost 2 months and excuse my language, but it has been absolute HELL from the very beginning! She nags and complains about EVERY single thing which never ever makes complete sense. she also doesnt work because of her so-called back injury from her past job. She lays around and demands we pay her money for rent from my mother’s social security check and food for the house from my mother’s food stamps. My sister is very self-centered selfish and very unappreciative. She’s motivated by money and all she seems to think about is herself, always griping and whining and complaining about money, bills, and no one making any noise or whisper in the house because she so-called doesnt get any rest (even thought she lays around all day complaining of being in pain). But she is a drinker and addicted to pain pills. Since coming here to her home which we unfortunately had no choice, it has robbed us of peace, joy, and now our hope. I pray to God daily to please get us outta here and place my mom and I in a more positive and healthier enviroment. Living here with my sister we feel we have to walk on egg shells constantly, we dont have much of anything and we still contribute to the household and the way she treats my mother and I is so ungratefully selfish! This is taking a toll on me and my mother both, and it’s pushing me to the edge. All I am asling is for everyone’s prayers and for the Lord to just hear my cry for help..I don’t know what else to do, I just want my mother and I to have our own place again. Please help us Jesus we need you…

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  1. Good GOD will interven in your patient

    May almighty provide you and your mother a good help .May your helpers locate you people at this time tomorrow in Jesus name amen

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