Prayer for a Disrespectful Son

by Wilfredo O Buot (Philippines)

Please help me pray for my son who is very disrespectful to me.

Even I am the ones supporting his family, he talks back to me in high tone showing gross disrespect.

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  1. My arguementative son

    Please join me in a prayer for my son Joel who is very negative towards me his Dad. I will say a prayer for other requests at this site. Please also pray for our country and our religous freedom. Thank you and Lord forgive me and have mercy on all reuests at this site.

  2. My 21 year old son is being disrespectful!

    Please stand in agreement with me to get along better with my son and for him to stop being so disrespectful and cussing in presence. I feel like my son hates me the way he treats me. He’s angry all the time and not happy. Please pray the Lord will change his heart, change his ways, show me respect and save his soul. I love my son so much but if he continue to be disrespectful towards me. I think it’s better we go our separate ways. I will love him from a distance. I didn’t raise him to be this way to be so cheap and selfish. Please pray for me. I am a single parent. I need more money Lord. I need a big pay increase and God bless me with a good Godly, husband. I pray all these things and more in Jesus’ name, Amen.


    My son, has a very mannerable personality. However, his anger and disrespect towards me and his dad is more than I can deal with. He has an assault felony that has caused him not to obtain a job where he can rent a decent place and maintain a somewhat suitable life style for him as well as his children. My son is my only child and I pored so much of myself into him. He was raised in a household where he witness his dad abuse me more than I care to bare. If you met him and spoke to him you would probably ask what’s wrong with me because he express outward the utmost respect. But I know that I raised him to be respectful towards others as well as him self. He is fill with so much anger and resentment but does not want to seek help. I notice in his baby boy is expressing the same type of behavior. I don’t know what to do for him anymore even if I should. I’m in my mid 60’s and his dad and I separate for the last time because of his lack of respect toward me and he’s still verbally and attempted to be physical abusive. My heart is broken in to a million pieces because I just want to see him in a better place than he’s in now. HELP What Shall I do 🙁

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