Prayer for a difficult marriage

by Margie (Colorado)

I believe in the power of prayer and in the intercession of Saints. As a young girl I prayed often for the intercession of St. Joseph for my future husband and he answered that prayer.

In some ways I have the most wonderful, kind husband a woman would ever want…yes, in other ways I find my marriage so incredibly difficult.

We just returned from an 8 day vacation together. (We have been married for 30 years.) I am reminded that I again need the intercession of St. Joseph for my marriage.

I pray my husband will love me as Christ loves his church…unconditionally. That he can accept and cherish the person I am instead the person he wants me to be. Finally, that he may have a change of heart over his extreme superficiality with looks and appearances. He is so self critical and thus so critical of me. I don’t stand a chance without your intercession St. Joseph…you found him for me and now I put him totally at your discretion.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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