Prayer for a decent Man to marry

by Jusna (London)

Heavenly Father

Please help me to say this prayer and to say anything else which comes to mind that is in my heart.

Please forgive me for anything I have done to offend you today and in the past and cleanse me of all the things in life that are a barrier between us. God you know me completely, inside and out and I pray that you would bless me with the peace of your holy spirit.

I pray that you would guide me as I prepare to possibly find a man to get married to. Please protect me from meeting anyone who is not good for me or right for me. Please give me wisdom in this matter Lord so that I can make decisions that will be good for me and my future.

God I only want a marriage that is based on love and truth and trust and not a marriage of simply convenience. Lord I pray for the man that you meant for me to marry.

I pray that you would have authority over my marriage, that you would show me to the right man and prepare me in the meantime so that I am ready for whatever the future holds.

Please help me to be patieny and to trust you. I pray for your will to be done and that I would also understand more about you lord and how much you love me.

Thank you for all the things in my life which you have blessed me wtih Lord and please continue to guide and protect me.


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