Prayer for A day of gratitude.

by Ella (Port Lamptom)


May I live this day in harmony with my will as it reflects your glory. May this day bring joy in knowing your family . I struggle with my earthly family and material existence, show me the light that that shines in all hearts with your spirit.

I want to be aware of all the goodness within the the world. All the evil is also in your hands, for all I have no power to controll. Humble me in this mad world that sadens my heart.
You are watching. When I fall forgive me,pick me up. I am so sad and lonely, show me your love and understanding today, so I may bring reality into my life again, as when I was a child.

My soul longs to grow towards the heavens. Water this seed of love, a hope for joy. Shed your light on all. You are always present. Do not leave me alone. Send an angle to guide and shield me against all evil in this world.

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