Prayer for a cure for disease and find my way again

Dear Jesus,

you came into my life at a early age and I am grateful to have known you for so long. For many years i placed you first in my life and for some reason this past year i escaped you. forgive me for my faults. please allow me to regain my faith, loyalty, and commitment. please remind me that you are here for me through my struggles. please help me strengthen my faith through this health dilemma. this dilemma that has no cure and takes over my life. please Father, take this disease away from me. please strengthen me to forgive those who have hurt me, strengthen me to overcome this heartache. Lord Father, you know exactly what I’m going through, you feel my pain, my heartache, my sadness.

I no longer want to feel this way. give me the strength to take this away from my mind. remove the people who aren’t good for me. remove all the evil that surround me. i know you are worthy, i know you are amazing, i know miracles are performed. father i ask that you bless the scientist who are working on a cure for this disease. give them the ability, the strength and the wisdom to solve the problem and find a cure. please father. i beg for a cure soon. take this pain away from me. please guide me into a healthy romantic relationship that accepts me for how i am and for the person to be in love with me and appreciate me, through you, Father. Father, help me find my way in life.

I no longer want to feel confused in life. give me clarity in my purpose in life. help me to find my goal and dream. thank you Father.

I love you Jesus,

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  1. Cure me

    I am grateful for this prayer. I believe the Lord will one way or the other cure me from what I’ve been struggling with all my life. Iam stronger than this and it shall not defeat me in Christ Jesus name AMEN. THANK YOU

  2. pray for my father

    Dear praying for my father. He s not well now. Please make him healthy. And give all strength to him.he s suffering from urinary problem. Day After Tomorrow is his operation. Please make him healthy. I beg you. Please pray for him. I believe in your strength. Thank you

  3. Just what I needed

    This prayer hit all three things that I am going through right now. Illness, broken heart and confusion what what career I should do. Thank you and God Bless 🙂

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