Prayer for a co-workers child who is very ill

by Tina (Fresno, CA)

I’m asking for prayer for anyone and everyone who reads this. My co-worker has been battling a undisclosed illness with her 17 year old son for a little over 7 months now. They are now thinking it might be Hodgkin’s disease and are waiting for tests to come back to confirm that.

She is not of one who believes in our LORD our Saviour, nor does her son, but that won’t stop me from praying for her and her son to be healed from this sickness. I’ve tried to give her as much hope and positive outlooks on a better outcome for his sickness and asking for more prayers is one that I personally want to do for her.

Even though she and her son may not have the same beliefs as us, through prayer, I ask that we still remember that we all come from the same family and no matter what, I will do my part to ask for healing for this child. So I ask in Jesus name that we pray that this child get the special treatment and excellent doctors to treat and cure him of his illness. Amen.