Prayer for a Couple in Trouble

Please pray for two friends that they recognize and embrace the love they have for each other, forsaking others in favor of each other. Please help them stay

together and weather the tests of time and relationship. Please help both to heal from past hurts and to stabilize in this love together. Help NPT to put aside his past hurts and the others that infringe upon a good strong
relationship. Help this man recognize and express love to this woman in a non-threatening, accepting manner as well. Make both strong enough to resist temptations and forsake others in favor of one another. Make both see the positive in the
relationship and in one another, building trust and growth in love that withstands time. Make this a relationship that cushions and holds through difficult times as well as shines through the good times, lasting a lifetime for both. Help this man to overcome his past childhood abuse and for both to have good mental health. Make both experience and express gratitude for one another in their lives. Help make others acknowledge and respect their loving relationship as well. Praise God for the mercies he has shown to me in the past and in my
present. Thank you and God bless you.