Prayer for a controlling, verbal and physically abusive mother of 7

Dear Lord,

Please help my friend – CH, who I just found out is leading a double life. The person we see at church(CCE teacher/ProLife advocate) is not the person we expected at home – gentle & loving mother.

Her children have been emotionally and physically abused by their mom. 3 have graduated from college, 1 still in college and 3 at home.

She wants no outside assistance and says she will hurt anyone interfering. the Youngest male is contemplating suicide and we have contacted his school for assistance.

Please Lord, Divine healer, help CH see the error of her ways before it is too late. Ask also that the Holy Spirit enter her heart and mind to heal them and bring peace to this family. Also, that her children be blessed with faith, strength and forgiveness to persevere in these difficult time in their lives.

Also for the husband that has stood beside her and allowed her to abuse his children. I ask this in your Most Holy Name, Lord Jesus Christ. AMen