Prayer for a closer relationship with my husband

Its eight years since we are married, but I still find so much of immaturity in our relationships. His arrogance, ego and harsh words has wounded me many times. He loves me so much but takes me granted. I get scared to talk to him because I don’t know at which moment he’ll break out.

He has lot of suffering regarding his job. Handles lot of stress. He never lets me know what he is going through. But expects me to understand him.
I also pray for a good job for him.
I pray and request your prayer that we “understand” each other more and more each day, our love grow stronger and break all barriers in our hearts that would weaken our relationship. I pray that we both be good friends to each other and be united in Christ.
I believe that Jesus our Lord has touched so many lives and we are going to be one among them who is going to experience a transformed new life very soon

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