Prayer for a Clear Heart and a Better Life

Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord for always hearing and answering my prayers. I trust in you in all things. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. I give you all the credit.

Bring me closer to you. Fill me with your everlasting love and never let me go. Lord show me the way. I need you in my life, every single day, every single minute and second. Guide me and pick me up when I’m falling down. Fill me with your plan and desires for me. Guide me into good health, success, and blessings. Please hear me Lord and answer my prayers which I ask. I know you will always hear and answer me.

-Help me to get my life back on track and to follow your plan for me.
-Help me to study hard and work smart everyday at school and at home/Help me to achieve, attain, and maintain high grades and also acquire scholarships. Help me get a B grade in both my Math and Bio class.
-Please watch over, guide, protect, keep safe and good health: me, my father, my mother, my brother, all of my family, my girlfirend, bestfriend, and all my friends.
-Bring me and my girlfriend closer to you Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus I want you to be the focus and focal point of our relationship. Help me and her walk with you. Guide and protect every aspect of our friendship, relationship, and love. Jesus, I want you to be me and my girlfriend strength, faith, love, hope, inspiration and motivation in our lives. Help us be to be strong in our lives and help us conquer our fears. Deliver us from our fears. Help us to be strong through you Lord Jesus against the devil and his temptations. Forgive me and her for the sins we have committed, for we are truly sorry. Through you Lord, Help my girlfriend be always faithful,loyal, and honest to me. Help me be faithful, loyal and honest to her. Help us to trust each other. Most importantly, help me and her grow in your love. Help the love that you gave me and her, help us use that love for good, help us to keep that love and passion we have for each other. Help that love grow strong every single day through you, Jesus. Help my girlfriends mother, father, and brother show compassion, mercy, and love to my girlfriend.
-Help my girlfriend find a better job and quit her recent job. Help her find a a job that she’s passionate about and has a great environment for her to grow.
-Lord, help me use my talents of drumming and music to praise you. Help me develop my talents and use it for good in your name.
Thank you Lord, for everything in my life. I give you all the credit. I love you about all thing Lord God. I love Jesus. Praise the Lord.