Prayer for a child who has cancer in the blood


Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to this morning with a heart that is crying for a child who has this sickness but lord i believe this is not a sickness cause you are the healer lord..i put my faith in you Jesus and i know you going to heal baby.

Father I believe in miracles and I know nothing is impossible with you, even though I have so much of heartache myself but i bring her first towards you and believe you are going to deliver her..
lord bless the family and her and give them strength to know that we believe in a true and living will fail but you will never fail Jesus i lay her at your feet to bless her and get her out of this situation Jesus.

lord i also bring my baby and each and every other child in this world lord that you will bless them all. they are your children take care of them.
bless my baby o lord give him courage , strength and knowledge and lead him in the right path of righteousness.

Lord I love you, you know my heart , you know my desires and I have faith in you that you will lead me in the right direction.

I put all faith and trust in you and I believe in a miracle for this baby.

In Jesus name…AMEN

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