Prayer for a child of my own

Dear Lord, I come to You as I have done before, asking to be healed of my infertility, and to bless me with a healthy child I have longed for my whole life,one of my blood. I feel incomplete as I have been trying for many years but due to my problem this has led me into a depression where I do not feel as I am supposed to. I feel less than a woman.

I feel I am not fulfilling my destiny of being a mother, giving my love to one who deserves every ounce of it. Please Lord, I am asking you to answer my prayer, this is something I want more than anything else in this world, You have heard my cries and seen my tears fall.

I beg to be blessed with tiny hands and feet to kiss,pure innocence to treasure,and to receive the unconditional love of MY child. Lord, please hear my prayer, through Jesus Christ your son. Amen

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